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Multi Split Systems

Coles Domestic Multi Split Air Conditioning

Looking for a stylish, cost-effective, and energy-efficient comfort for multiple rooms in your house? Then a muti-split air conditioning system is what you need. With stylish indoor units, a wide range of models and controls for each room, Coles Refrigeration has the ultimate solution for your cooling and heating needs!

Multi Split Systems »
Multi Split Systems »

One Outdoor Unit for Multiple Rooms

A multi split air conditioning uses only 1 outdoor unit which houses the compressor to cool or heat multiple rooms. Indoor units can be ceiling mounted or wall mounted air conditioners and each can be customised to match your rooms’ interior décor.

Multi Split Systems »

Wall Mounted Split AC System

Wall mounted air conditioners are attached to the walls of your home and is connected to an outdoor unit which houses the compressor. A wall mounted AC is a cost effective solution for your cooling and heating needs.
Multi Split Systems »

Ceiling- Mounted Split AC System

Ceiling mounted air conditioners works the same way as its wall mounted counterpart. A ceiling mounted air conditioner is ideal for rooms with suspended ceilings.

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